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ASP Scripts
When I have decided to do this website I serached many portal in PHP and ASP when I have downloded this portal; the name is Portalapp but this not the CMS that I want to speak; although this is a very good portal.
Well actually I found two-three great portal to interest ASP lovers. In order of preference and better portal
  1. Ezboxx Portal
EzASP portal is an old portal still worth of attenction by our ASP lovers. It can be used to set a websites in minutes. It is based on Web Aiz Forum one of the best forum over the world.
EzBoxx is a strong portal done by Migon Software an Ireland software company; it is very well done based on MegaBBS forum by PD9Soft company a small Indiana US based company.
I want to speak now of Soop Portal, it lack still some features but It very strong and beutiful portal. It is based on JQuery Framework.
Although he lack some features as download link it has many features Forum Guestbook RSS and many other features. It is born the 3.0 version downloadable by its website for all registered users, its name is Phoenix.
And here you can see my screenshot of this portal as installed on my PC.
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