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Best ASP Editors
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This article wantto  create a panorama with links to the best editors for classic ASP

When I prompted in ASP World, not so many years ago 2005 rough, there were problems to get good tutorials, ASP.NET was appearing, Classic ASP was not developed anymore and some lacking of visual  developing enviroment  with except of Visual Studio, comparing Java world there was total lacking of open source enviroments; but new Editors were appareing as example SharpDevelop and others for exemple by IDEA Company(ReSharper example) but there is now and then a lot of lacking for Classic ASP. So in 2005 I decided to use Visual Studio 2005; the work is easy, simply as today in VS2012 you can save a file in .asp extension in Visual Studio and beginning to work in Classic ASP, you must to set debugging with IIS Server, fully supported are debugging, breaking point and intellisense as .aspx file too, but maybe there is no so great support for visual editing with Classic ASP, pretty sure doesn't exist in VS2005 but now exists for VS2012, VS2008 deasn't have support for Classic ASP, VS2010 has, but I advice you to work with VS2012 as said. Well I have done some project here with VS2012 example Simple ASC CMS, but VS2012 is not the only option to develop in Classic ASP. Another great editor is Primalscript a product of SAPIEN Technologies Inc. , I have downloaded It to test and it is very very good development enviroment, you can download It as a demo copy; I have realized some mods for an application with this editor, the problem is that is a commercial product. These are the 2 best editors fo Classic ASP I have tested and used. Actually if you need to perform some little modification to your code you don't need of this 2 monster development enviroments, I use some light editor. The best I have used is HapEdit an editor capable to save and edit file also in PHP and HTML, it could be used also for medium project. Other Editors that could be used for Classic ASP are Visual Interdev, the old development enviroment by Microsoft, but is still commercial so I stay far by this or Dreamweaver, actually i don't like this development enviroment, It is not so good and is not so light when open  asp files. Much better is Notepad ++ that support minimal intellisense almost as HapEdit, as I said it is useful to create minimal coding in your asp files.

Follow a list of ASP Editor I have tested

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