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ASP Source Community release ASC CMS to all our users. It is written in classic ASP and is totally open Source.
To support this project considers to make a donation to ASP Source Community


Simple ASC CMS is powerful CMS easy to install with advanced features as Forum Guestbook and dynamic menu, pages and news creation that use Microsoft Access Database.Useful to create websites in minutes. You can find some information on features Bug Fix and other on this blog
Warning; in this release were corrected many forum bugs, due to my busy this project could be stopped by developing, donations are welcome and valuable
You can download here:
(Downloaded 3217 times)

or from its Sourceforge project page:
Download from Sourceforge

List of updates

Any interested in developing this project or for questions or for hosting offers can ask us on this board
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  • Dynamic creation of Menu
  • Dynamic creation of pages
  • Dynamic creation of news
  • Dynamic creation of polls
  • Guestbook
  • It use TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to generate news, It is really simple to use on our apps.
  • It use o0mBBS forum as forum, this project is by David Crosbie. It is deeply modified by ASP Source Community, really an upgrade of the intial project. To support this project makes a donation to ASP Source Community.
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