FAQ Manager web application

FAQ Manager web application

FAQ Manager is a knownledge base system written all in ASP.NET Web forms; It use Access Database to store question and answers. You can insert delete and modify all questions and categories.Instructions are in ReadMe file

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FAQ Manager installation

  • Notes

FAQ Manager is ASP.NET application that use Access Database to store data

  • Installation

- First all: put web.config file in the root folder, if you have already this file add the connectionstrings section
- Set permissions on faq_maker.mdb
- Open web.config file and modify the 2 connection strings in tag
- Go to http:://yoursite/admin/setup.aspx and enter data: userid, password, email, slogan

- Once entered the data you can login to admin panel going to: http:://yoursite/admin/login.aspx.
- Go add Category section and then Add FAQ
- Delete setup.aspx from your folder